Available for preorder: Warrior Queen

Last year I has the opportunity to join a group project called the Skeleton Key series. A character finds the key and goes to another world…who doesn’t like the idea of being transported somewhere else for an adventure? All the stories will be available on June 15, some are up for preorder now.

My story takes place in a castle under siege. There’s magic and hawk shapeshifters and a hero who has no idea where he is or what is going on :)

WQ-smSkeleton Key Fantasy Romance Series
One Skeleton Key. Endless Adventures.

After a big night out to celebrate his last day at work, Bryce Allard stumbles home. By his door he finds a glass skeleton key that makes his front door open to another world.

Queen Keleti’s city is under siege. Betrayed by her cousin, she must find a way to save her city from the invading army. Keleti is a Heavenly, a hawk shapeshifter, so she could fly to safety, but she will not leave her people. When she finds Bryce hiding in her city she thinks he’s a spy.

Bryce finds himself caught up in the skirmishes and the siege while trying to earn the Queen’s trust. Trust gradually becomes affection, and Bryce begins to consider staying instead of returning home. However he soon realizes why he is here. There is one thing that no one is willing to do to end the siege: kill a Heavenly.

He has to kill Keleti’s cousin. But will he be thanked, or thrown off the cliff by the Warrior Queen?


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