Lady of Silver sneak peek

Here’s a a little peek at from Lady of Silver which will be out in February.


Saba should let Detective Morgan walk out and take his pent up hostility with him. Her workspace would need cleansing before her next client came in, but the red-lipped girl’s sad face stayed with her, begging for help. She may not be able to help Desiree, but she could find her killer and help bring him to justice. “Wait.”

Detective Morgan turned. His face was impassive as he took up too much space with his bad attitude. His green eyes assessed her. Not the brilliant green that spoke of Mediterranean ancestry. This green was dirty, like they’d been stained by everything he saw. Now he wore them as camouflage. His whole appearance was weathered, but not beaten. He knew how to fight. Whatever had tempered him had sharpened him. This was not a man she wanted to cross.

Yet she had the uneasy, grating sensation her existence was a prosecutable offense. Words tumbled out, offering an excuse for detaining him. “I can’t talk to the dead.” This job was not going to be a simple case of finding the killer. There was more to it Detective Morgan wasn’t sharing. But silver , she had to do something. “However, I might be able to see her last few hours.”

In the bowl, the black ink deepened, bleeding to crimson, revealing what she already knew she would need.

Blood magic.

She fixed her gaze on Detective Morgan and tried to sound surer of what she was asking than she felt. “I’ll need to see her body.”

He nodded once, short and sharp. “That can be arranged.”

Her stomach tightened. It had been a long time since she’d used blood magic, but it was the only way she could help. All magic required sacrifice, blood and hair being the most common. The trouble with doing magic for someone else was they also had to put in some blood, and when the bloods mixed, a bond was created.

What harm could come from having a bond with someone who was already dead?

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