Brightwater Blood re-release

Published March 2017 (previously published in 2012)

He’ll do anything to save his life…including saving hers. 

What was supposed to be a simple intelligence gathering mission for the Shamanic Council becomes almost the last, day of lion shapeshifter Lachlan Garvey’s life.

After finding one of the Brightwater Shaman dead, he’s shot and wakes naked, human and trapped in a circle of his own blood.

After she shoots and traps the were-lion who killed her sister, Dayna Brightwater doesn’t know what to do with him. She doesn’t have the magic, or the stomach, for revenge and killing him won’t bring her sister back. But if she releases him, he’ll kill her too.

To live, Lachlan must convince Dayna he didn’t kill her sister before he bleeds out and before the magical fire Dayna’s sister created with her failed spell reaches them and kills them both.

Dayna must choose—trust Lachlan, and use magic to save them, or flee and live with the knowledge she caused his death, proving she is truly a Brightwater and incapable of love.

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