Dark Vow

Dark Vow

Carina Press
14 November 2011
ISBN: 978-14268-9260-8

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Jaines Cord plans to kill the man who murdered her husband, even though killing a Bounty Hunter is said to be impossible. One bullet took away her livelihood, her home and her love. One bullet made by her. Fired from the gun she completed for the Arcane Bounty Hunter.
Obsidian wears the scars of disobeying the powerful Arcane Union. He barely escaped with his life and now lives quietly, in a town the lawmen forgot. When Jaines arrives asking too many questions, he's faced with a decision. Help her or run...again. Obsidian knows that if he flees he'll always be looking over his shoulder. His name is one of the first on the Bounty Hunter's death list.
Yet when Obsidian is offered an opportunity to stop the stone taking over his body in exchange for retrieving the gun, he asks Jaines for her help. Now Jaines must choose: a dead man's vengeance or a living man's hope?


RT Book Reviews Top Pick
A western with a magical bent, Dark Vow's aim is true."
RT Book Reviews

This story was action packed, suspenseful, well told, and had a ball busting heroine. I LOVED every minute of it.
Book Babe

If you enjoy fantasy romance with unusual blended elements (such as steampunk romance) look no further than DARK VOW.
Rhi Reading

Jaines is strong and independent, even in what seems to be a seemingly western-aged time. And she and Obsidian are a perfect fit for each other.
Thoughts of a Scot