Saved by the Trickster

Fantasy romance between a fallen angel and a trickster.

SBTT-72dpi-400x600 November 16 2014
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9924239-7-1
Print ISBN: 978-0-9924239-8-8

Zander has one month to prove he deserves to be let back into heaven. As a Celestial warrior he should’ve known better than to steal ambrosia. Now banished and forced to live as a mortal he has to prove that he still carries the Light in his heart and that he hasn’t succumbed to the Darkness.

Lysanna is a Trickster, a demi-god charged with making people believe in Light and hope. She travels the world creating magic and wonder, taking human assistants to help on stage and warm her bed. Somehow they always betray her, and they always leave.

When he meets Lysanna, he knows what she is. What he doesn’t expect to discover are the pleasures of being human, and the lust he finds in the Trickster’s bed. He’ll have to choose between his duty to heaven and Lysanna.

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