Decadent Moon

All alien sci-fi romance set on a man made moon that is a pleasure resort with no equal in the universe. It’s a melting pot of alien cultures. There is something for everyone on Decadent Moon…if you have enough chits.

Decadent Moon (the complete series)


Decadent Moon is a resort where alien species come together for pleasure and business. There are only three rules:

No interspecies hate.  No violence. No debts.

Enjoy your visit to Decadent Moon.

Lunar Exposure

A bounty hunter on a mission and a socialite with secret—both of them are hunting the same man. Lust and ambition clash, but to save Decadent Moon they will have to trust each other.

Lunar Reunion

Six years ago they made a mistake. Can they reclaim what they thought lost?

Lunar Dancer

A courier desperate to reclaim her daughter delivers a message to prince masquerading as a dancer, unaware she is delivering the order that get him killed. Now they must find a way to save him and her daughter.

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